Publishing Process

Our publishing process

When our staff meets with you to discuss your ClassPak, they adapt your needs to the options we offer to create a course packet that meets your requirements without inflating cost to the students.

What you’ll need to get started

For your initial meeting, please provide a table of contents with detailed bibliographical citations in MLA format. This information expedites the permissions process and helps prevent confusion of where the materials originated. Important information to note:

  • If a book is out of print, it does not mean the work is free to copy.
  • When copied material is less than 10% of the work, publishers are likely to approve the request.
  • Submitting material without citations will only delay your packet since it will have to be returned for complete citations list
  • Using only 5% of a work will reduce the cost of a packet since we can safely use the material by applying fair use doctrine.

In your bibliography, be sure to include the:

  • Author, editor, and/or translator full names
  • Title, edition and volume number of book or journal
  • Full title of article or excerpt being requested
  • Copyright date
  • Full title of article or excerpt being requested
  • ISBN for books, ISSN for magazines and journals
  • Exact page numbers for text, figures and illustrations
  • For anthologies, please include the anthology's acknowledgement page


We obtain permission for copyrighted material for each academic term used.  Publishers and copyright holders can deny usage at any point in time. One semester an item approves but the next semester, the item declines; this is entirely at the discretion of the publisher or copyright owner. 

If a publisher denies a request or requests a high usage fee, we notify you to allow you to make changes to the selection or drop it entirely from the pack. Publishers charge a wide array of costs for different materials that they publish.  These fees are set and non-negotiable.

Links to materials lawfully posted on web sites or to a Library's licensed database provide an alternative method for the students to access required material.

Learn more about copyrights and the Fair Use doctrine.

Submit your documents

Please provide original source documents or books for your ClassPak, which ensures a clear readable document for participants to read. Our team scans and prepares the files for production and returns all the originals once completed.

Production and delivery

Once all items requiring permissions clear, the packet proceeds to production.

After your ClassPak completes the production step and is available for pick-up by the bookstore, your sales representative returns all materials to you along with your completed desk copies.