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Most commonly used materials in ClassPaks Faculty produced materials, instructor notes, lecture notes, added web links, video and graphics, excerpts from books, journal and magazine articles, case studies, and out of print books are some examples of the many items used in custom course packets.

More Information Once the materials for your packets are finalized, see the how the process works page. This will provide you with insight as to how your packet will be produced.

On-Campus Location The ClassPak Custom Publishing Department is located at 2805 East 10th Street.
Fax: (812) 856-0641
Bookstore contact: (812) 855-1972

Our representatives are available to answer any questions you may have regarding the process. Please do not hesitate to contact us. To reach a sales representative directly, please note the following:

Dave Stewart
Cathy Parker

Copyright Permissions and Fees Copyright compliance at Indiana University is mandatory. Violations can subject both you and the University to penalties. When using borrowed material, please include your bibliography of citations and we will check with the copyright holder to obtain permissions.

  • Permissions must be obtained for each academic term in which the material will be used.
  • Each article must have citation information
  • When material is less than 10% of the works, publishers are likely to approve the request
  • The price publishers charge as royalties varies
  • Fair Use allows some academic uses of materials covered by copyright laws
  • Packets available in hard copy
  • University Counsel is available to address questions regarding copyright issues

Most publishers charge a fee to reproduce their material. The typical cost is about 18 cents per page per copy, but the fee can be much higher. When publisher charges an excessive amount, we will contact you to discuss options. You can determine the importance of the material versus its cost. If you are concerned about the overall cost of the packet, an estimate can be provided upon request.

Reprints/Add orders If you have used ClassPak Publishing for your packets, we will have a history of the packets sold and will know approximately how many should be produced for the size of your class. If it is a new packet, we normally print approximately 80% of enrollment - unless the particular circumstances of your packet require a different approach. If the IU Bookstore's inventory is depleted, a voucher sale is made to the student. Reprints usually take 24 hours (not including weekends). Packets may be picked up at the Bookstore Customer Service desk.


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