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Our representatives are available to answer any questions you may have regarding the process. Please do not hesitate to contact us. To reach a sales representative directly, please note the following:

Dave Stewart
Cathy Parker
  1. When our representative meets with you to discuss the specific requirements of your packet, they will complete all paperwork and note any specialty items needed.

  2. Be prepared to compile a table of contents with bibliographical citations. A detailed bibliography expedites the permission process. Without all the essential information, the publisher may not be able to reference the material and the publisher may deny permission. We can begin the process or preparing the packet with this information - the complete set of original documents is not required at this stage.

    1. Author, editor, and/or translator full names
    2. Title, edition and volume number of book or journal
    3. Full title of article or excerpt being requested
    4. Copyright date
    5. Full title of article or excerpt being requested
    6. ISBN for books, ISSN for magazines and journals
    7. Exact page numbers for text and figures and illustrations
    8. For anthologies, please include the anthology's acknowledgement page

  3. We will proceed to apply for the necessary permissions.

  4. Once the originals are received they will be scanned to an electronic PDF.

  5. If all permissions are approved by the copyright owners/publishers, the packet will be sent to production. If we are denied permission or the fee seems to be excessive, we will contact the faculty/departmental customer for its replacement (when denied) or continue to use one that has an excessive permission fee.

  6. Once produced, the desk copies you ordered will be delivered to you and inventory will be delivered to the local bookstores.

Helpful Hints:
If possible, please provide first generation or best available copies. All originals will be returned to you. If any part of your material is in digital form, you may choose to submit an electronic file that will be printed and inserted in the packet in the proper sequence.

Information about Copyright laws

Copyright laws are intended to protect the intellectual property rights for all authors and copyright owners, for all materials, including books, articles, and poetry. Unlawful reproduction of copyrighted material infringes on the rights of the creator of the material and hinders the future production of intellectual materials.

Our staff is equipped to request permissions from the proper owner of the material, pay fees and royalties involved, and maintain the proper documentation. Copyright clearance can take anywhere from two days to six weeks to secure, so please allow adequate time to obtain permissions for your packet. If permissions are available thru the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC), we usually have the confirmation in two days. However, if the request must go to the publisher or author, these requests may take several weeks to acquire.

The "Fair Use" doctrine allows limited copying of materials for classroom use under the conditions of brevity, spontaneity, and the cumulative effect. For more information about "Fair Use", please refer to the website of the IU Copyright Management Center. To establish the strongest basis for fair use, consider and apply the four factors along the line of these suggestions:

  • Purpose of the use
  • Nature of the work
  • Amount of the work
  • Effect of the use on the market for the original
If you determine that the Fair Use doctrine can be applied to some or all of the materials that you intended to use, please complete the Fair Use form.

Helpful Hint: Providing Links to materials lawfully posted on web sites or to a Library's licensed database provides an alternative method for the students to access required material.

When using borrowed material, please include your bibliography of citations and we will check with the copyright holder to obtain permissions. Reminders:

  • Permissions must be obtained for each academic term in which the material will be used
  • Each article must have citation information
  • When material is less than 10% of the work. publishers are likely to approve the request
  • If a book is out of print, it does not mean the work may be freely copied
  • The price Publishers charge as royalties varies
  • Fair Use allows some academic uses of materials covered by copyright laws
  • University Counsel is available to address questions regarding copyright issues

Download the Fair Use Acknowlegement form here.

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