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Faculty use of course packet material as a teaching tool continues to grow in popularity. ClassPak will develop, publish and produce your packets in a fast, efficient, convenient and versatile manner. We provide quality reprints of your educational materials for use in your instructional/teaching environment.

>> About ClassPak Publishing

     ClassPak Publishing provides:

  • Custom educational material
  • Convenience
  • Copyright compliance
  • One-on-one personal service
  • Complimentary desk copies
  • Packets available in hard copy
  • No departmental costs
  • On time delivery to local bookstores

Custom Educational Material You determine the material that is current and relevant to the class. Then we prepare the originals, perform any necessary clean up of the documents and produce it in the manner you have requested.

Convenience Our staff is available to assist faculty in the production of packets. They will visit you at a time and location that is convenient for you, prepare a description of what you need reproduced, provide a proof of the work when requested, and hand deliver your desk copies once the job has been completed. Students will find their required course packets conveniently located in the local bookstores along with the other required course materials for their courses.

Copyright Compliance Compliance with copyright law continues to be a complex and time consuming issue. We will procure the required approvals for you and assist you with the application of Fair Use. See Copyright for additional information.

One-on-One Personal Service The complexity of each job may vary. Our staff will work with you on an individual basis to both understand and complete the packet assignment submitted, in the manner you have requested.

Complimentary Desk Copies Your representative will ask you if you need desk copies and how many at the time they take your packet order. The desk copies are provided at no charge to you. The cost is absorbed into the packets that are sold. The desk copies will be personally delivered to your office or the destination that you have requested.

Packet Print Options ClassPak Publishing delivers hard copy packets that include your syllabus, electronic pagination, table of contents, perforated pages as needed, divider pages, special color pages, cover stock covers, bright white 24lb paper and the particular type of document binding that you prefer. Binding options include: spiral, spin, tape or three-hole drilled - with a binder, and shrink-wrap.

ON time delivery to local bookstores Once Classpak has completed the processing of your job, the finished product is made available to the Indiana University Bookstore located at the IMU, as well as, the local Bloomington bookstores before the start of each semester. The suggested timelines for faculty submitting requests is as follows:

Fall Semesters
Copyright materials: August 1
Non-copyright materials: August 10

Spring Semesters
Copyright materials: December 1
Non-copyright materials: December 10

Summer Sessions
At least 4 weeks prior to the beginning of the Session

We will gladly accept a packet after the timelines noted and make every effort to have your ClassPak ready as quickly as possible, but cannot guarantee it will be ready for the first day of class.

Also, packets need not go through the bookstore for you to take advantage of what Custom Publishing has to offer. All of our services are available for departmental or organizational purchase. If you have printing needs for an upcoming seminar, conference or other event, Custom Publishing can help make your affair a success.

Archive Scanning Custom Publishing also offers Archive Scanning of your records. Your paper records are scanned and converted to manually searchable PDF files and burnt to CD. Your records are then returned to you, or after your review of the CD, shredded. Call 856.1583 for more information on this service.

Our representatives are available to answer any questions you may have regarding the process.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. To reach a sales representative directly, please note the following:

Dave Stewart
Cathy Parker


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